Durga Ma recognises the purity in her devotees' hearts.


Goddess Durga is known as the divine shakti that protects her devotees from evil and misery, Being a Mother, she is large-hearted and always giving. When she finds in her devotees, purity of thought, honesty and compassion, there is nothing that she will not give. It is believed that Durga was the creation of Lord Vishnu as a warrior goddess in order to protect devas from the demon Mahishasura. Several mantras are chanted for the goddess but the simplest one is Om Sri Durgaya Namah. By chanting the mantra with devotion, she removes our physical, mental and worldly problems. 

The Goddess watches from her altar,
The rich, the needy, the old, the young,
Hastening to worship.

Amidst chanting of Hymns, the ringing of bells,
Some offer flowers, some drop silver coins,
Some bring fruits, some fold hands,
Persuading for desires, for ambitions…

She smiles at their ignorance!
Greater the offering, quicker the fulfillment?
With ease, She recognizes them all.
Pure from the fake,
Who comes for Her sake.

Who has Her blessings today?
Her divine gaze, halts at the steps,
He has no flowers, no coins,
Not even hands.
Yet his eyes touch her feet,
With a touching reverence.

His lips do not plead, His eyes do not grieve,
He submits with simple pure humility.
Only desiring- A glimpse of Her Glorious form.

Raising Her beautiful hands
She says,

About Author: Girija Sridhar

Girija is an avid writer, tarot reader, Feng Shui consultant and a communications expert who has a BSc degree in Chemistry as well as an MA in Social Work, both from Delhi University. She believes in the power of dharmic rituals, the strength of our civilisation and hopes to spread this message through her work. She has written a book called "Awakening", a collection of poems on various topics close to her heart.

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