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Pragyata Mag is a platform for anyone with a reasonable grounding in the Dharmic Indian civilization to air their views. You must know the following before you begin:

1. Your piece must fit into one of the following categories

Essay: We accept contributions in the form of essays that are objective and well researched pieces on any aspect of the Indic civilization, past or present. Essays on History, Science, Psychology, Music or any other topic that can be viewed from an Indic perspective are welcome. These could also be analyses of other cultures through the Indic framework. The recommended length of an essay would be 1500 – 3000 words.

Commentary: Articles in this category present nuanced perspectives on the matter at hand, deriving their authority from facts, data and the writers’ insights. A piece of 1500 – 2000 words sounds optimal to us.

Perspective: Like blog posts or Op-Ed columns, these pieces can be a personal take on contemporary issues facing the Indian society. As we promote Indic / Dharmic discourse, your opinions must broadly be based in the Indic point of view. The recommended length of such opinion pieces is 1000-1500 words.

Book Review: Loved / hated a new book about Carnatic music or Shivaji or anything else related to India and want more people to know about it? Submit the review to us and we will help in spreading the word. Try containing the review to less than 2500 words.

Travelogue: Our geography is just as diverse as our culture. Share your stories from your visits to temples and forts to peaks and passes. Add as many pictures as you can because this is a category where a picture surely speaks a thousand words.

Satire: Join the brethren in helping the natives understand their Indic way of life from your armchair in as many words as you deem fit, can’t put a cap on erudition. Psst… this is where you can get as politically nasty as you want.

2. Rights of usage

Please note that the submissions made to Pragyata cannot be used on other public platforms. You may, however, publish your piece on your personal blog after 10 days of its publishing on Pragyata, providing a hyperlink to the published piece on Pragyata at the end (mentioning that it was first published here).

3. Plagiarism

We run all the submissions by our plagiarism checking tool and any instance of material copied / lifted from another publication (without due citation / credit) would result in a blacklisting of the author. We will also be sure to spread the word to other platforms 🙂

4. Spelling and Grammar

Use British spellings and please make sure that your submission is free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes to as much extent as possible.

5. Submission

Send us a mail with your submission in MS-word format at editor@pragyata.com and we will usually get back to you with a reply (affirmative or negative) in 48 hours.

6. Please fill in the form below

We are a small team. To help us achieve a quicker turn-around time and more efficient handling of your content, kindly fill in the form below before you make the first submission.