Aryan-Dravidian Culture & Critique of Sheldon Pollock

In this enlightening interview, Dr. R. Nagaswamy & Rajiv Malhotra discuss the roots of Aryan-Dravidian culture as well as the misinformation spread by Sheldon Pollock.

The Aryan-Dravidian rift which was created less than 200 hundred years ago still holds sway in the layperson’s mind, even though the theory itself is widely discredited. From textual to archaeological to genetics, all evidence resoundingly proves without doubt the unity of the Indic civilization, Dr. R. Nagaswamy, scholar and author of many great books, here in conversation with Rajiv Malhotra, establishes the syncretic nature of the southern culture with the rest of india, dispelling the concocted theories of a divide between the Vindhyas. As Sangam literature and Sanskrit combined, a common script, thought process, art forms, symbols, all grew upon this shared architecture which shaped how regional culture flourished. The influence is similar to how languages and culture were shaped across India as the intermingling resulted in an individual character which defined each region. They also dismiss theories about St.Thomas bringing Christianity and influencing Tamil culture, Sheldon Pollock – a so called authority in Indology, who Dr. Nagaswamy calls a neophyte who hasn’t understood the literary style of Kavya or any of the epics which he deems as full of oppression. Pollock’s support of the non-existent Hindu-Buddhist divide by displacing Buddha from his place in Indian consciousness and the inaccurate dating of the Yugas, also seem conjured up interpretations which reflect his lack of comprehension and inflated ego.

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