An ode to the god of gods, Mahadeva.


Serenely handsome, ash-smeared ascetic sadhu
The perfect silver form, O’ Shiva that is you;
Sitting in a trance bringing an absolute still
Drowning noises of pretense, arrogance, and all that is ill.

The supreme consciousness and the divine too
The perfect formless truth, O’ Shiva that is you;
Merging all that is real with all imagination
Together in union stirring the broth of creation.

Drinking poison out of churning, now throat of blue
The fearless of all, O’ Shiva that is you;
Surrender to you, cutting through death and ignorance
Breaking lose the shackles for ultimate karmic independence.

From destruction, creating a beautiful new
Tandav of the fierce dancer, O’ Shiva that is you;
Bringing down each barrier to make us rise
Piercing your trident through all that is vice.

In ecstatic bond with Shakti, looking down the Himalayan view
Boundless love with encompassing warmth, O’ Shiva that is you;
Infinite, immortal light, filling hearts with luminous glow
The wonderous nectar of bliss, from your dreadlocks to flow.

Miraculous entirety working with clock’s precision
Taking shape from your third eye, your cosmic vision;
Wearing Vasuki, containing the motions of time, giving us a clue
The creator, the preserver and all that pervades, O’ Shiva that is you.

The gone, the happening, and all anew
O’ Shiva that is you, O’ Shiva that is you.

About Author: Renu Muthoo

Renu is a follower of Kashmir Shaivism and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and the Supreme Mother Goddess. Strongly influenced by her grandfather, the great spiritual poet of Kashmir, Pt Jia Lal Saraf, Renu has always been drawn towards spirituality. Despite the prosaic mundanity of everyday life, she often provides a poetic vent to her thoughts & devotion. An engineer and software author by profession, Renu lives in Toronto, Canada.

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