Meditation, Yoga and Science

A modern scientific understanding may help people understand the 'Singularity' which Indian yogic masters have been talking about for centuries.

Meditation, Yoga and Science


Modern science is a process of exploring the material world by dividing the whole and exploring each part of it. Part by part division and it’s studying has led us to discover, molecules, atom, elementary particles etc. This has given us new technologies for the benefit of mankind and society; however, it has also led to the development of tech for destructive purposes. Thus we are at a crossroads.

Yoga, on the other hand, is for integration, peace and harmony with nature(towards uniting everything); a holistic approach for human development and a healthy society. It is believed that what can be achieved through yogic mind power is beyond modern science, yet there may be a meeting point somewhere. Attempts have been made to consolidate various scientific principles to derive conclusions which point out to Yoga’s principle and its techniques. This is purely the author‘s own opinion and is indicative of the direction in which further research may continue. In fact, research on the subject is already going on to help unite science and yoga.

I would like to express my gratitude to various authors and writers whose work has inspired me to consolidate my thinking. Prominent among them are Dr. Robert Lanza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, MIT Professors/ Scientists – Robert Desimone Doris & Don Berkey, Dr. Deepak Ranade (Consultant Neurosurgeon, Pune) & Anna wise workshop on ‘High-performance mind’ and a host of other writers.Get monthly updates 
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1. Principal of unity

Our existence is dependent upon the concept of ‘Unity‘. Unity is defined in a number of ways. As per Webster’s Dictionary:

The state of being in full agreement―A way of combining the parts into a whole so that they seem to belong together. ―The quality of state of not being multiple, a oneness ―A condition of Harmony.

All these definitions point out to ―togetherness and harmony. A single entity composed of different orientation and parts. It has been established that our Universe originated (Big Bang Theory) from Singularity, a condition where space-time merges together at a point. It is understood that there was a sudden explosion at that point and the universe began to evolve, various stars began to form with high energy cosmic particles. It appeared that before the explosion, all energy was concentrated at a point and then all of a sudden it was released. Our Vedic scriptures (Puranas) say that there was the sound of ‘AUM‘ and the Universe began to come into existence. However, the point which is emphasized here is that ―UNITY IS STRENGTH is Cosmic order and it determines the concentration of Energy and Harmony. There are a number of examples to prove this. We find that a piece of iron becomes a magnet when all its molecules are oriented in the same direction in space. This generates enough force to acquire it magnetic properties. In fact this concept of ‘Unity & Energy‘ can be extended from this example of molecular level to living beings, society, country even to our planet as a whole. Dis-unity creates dis-order and dis-order results in waste. This is further covered later under the topic of Entropy.

In a meditative state our thoughts, mind and body are united in a way that focuses our self in an exalted state of energy. When this focus is on God who is perceived as not something outside but inside us, then this leads us towards an ultimate state (we may call ‘Samadhi‘). When we sit still with thoughts emerging towards ‘Love‘ for everything around us, it gradually enables us to merge ourselves with the universe in our mind, such a state may be a step towards experiencing REALITY.

According to eminent scientist Robert Lanza (in his book ‘Biocentrism‘)

Our experience and thoughts are related to our external environment as well as built-in memories from our previous births. This is also reflected in our Action Response to any situation. According to the new principle of Biocentrism, the reality around us is in fact what we perceive inside. There are complex reactions going on inside our mind which result in PERCEPTION.

According to Robert Lanza (page-35 Biocentrism);-

Much has been written about the Self and entire religions (three of the branches of Buddhism, Jain and main stream of Advaita sect of Hinduism for example) are dedicated to proving that a separate independent self isolated from vast bulk of cosmos is fundamentally illusion of sensation. It suffices to say that introspection would in all cases conclude that thinking itself—Desecrates put it so simply is normally synonymous with ‘I‘ feeling.

In fact, Robert Lanza considers that all our thoughts, action and reality are governed by seven principles, the first principle: “What we perceive as Reality is a process that involves consciousness.”

Lanza further goes on to say:

Our external and internal perceptions are intricately intertwined. They are different side of the same coin and cannot be separated.

2. Concept of Consciousness

Is awareness the same as consciousness? This has been talked about and analysed by many philosophers, scientists and sages. This also leads us to further questions such as, who are (am) you (I) or are our observations about ourselves and physical surroundings, simply the brain’s biological function or is there something deeper inside. In a recent observation, Dr. Deepak, M. Ranade (consultant neurosurgeon in Pune), says:

As I wash and look at my face in the mirror, I am aware of myself. The face, the eyes and the rather sparse, dishevelled hair, suddenly I realize that what I am observing is actually created by myself. The image, its cognizance are both generated by myself. The image testimony to my existence created by myself of myself and for myself. The image is not me and still I know it’s me. It is a virtual one.

Dr. Ranade further goes on to say:

Self awareness is simply using mirror neurons for looking at myself as if someone else is looking at me (the me comprising some of my brain process as well). The mirror neuron mechanism.

Taking a cue from the above observation, we will say that observation defines reality. Quantum physics says reality does not exist until we observe it. Thus we come back to the same question, whether awareness is the same as consciousness. While awareness is the process of physical observation at any moment; consciousness always exists whether reality is observed or not. It is absolute and exists in a superimposed position with awareness.

This brings us to the important subject of superposition and quantum physics. As per quantum physics, every particle exists in waveform till it is observed (which physicists call as a collapse of wave function- actually denoted by (Ψ), pronounced as SAI). If the wave function is consciousness, we may call ‘C‘ or is it the same as Ψ? This needs to be explored further. It is known in physics as theta field that creates an electric current which is utilized to create circular motion.

The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein says that there is no absolute motion. Every movement is related to the process of observation and not only motion but also Time which depends on where and who observes it. In fact, Time alone does not exist, it exists as Space-Time continuum and therefore is already coupled with our existence. However, our existence is established when it is observed. Does it mean that nothing exists till it as observed? This is a weird observation but it has some basis in Hindu Philosophical concept of ‘Advaita‘. We shall leave this topic for now and will come back to it at the end of this article.

We now come to the generation of ‘THOUGHTS‘. Thoughts are brain functions generated by firing of neurons at some portion in the brain. These are emitted in the form of electric waves. What are ‘Thoughts’ and what is its genesis? These are basic questions, it is important also because our ‘Actions‘ depend on our thoughts.

Thought (T) = Action (A) but here is a paradox if we believe in destiny, the above equation becomes reversible.


If action (result) is predetermined then so also are thoughts. As per Hindu philosophy, action is karma. Human life depends upon.

– Previous life karma (PRARABDH)

– This birth past karma and

– Present moment karma

However, Prarabdha karma does not logically fit into the recursive mathematical concept due to multiple reasons: if it is true then on what does the previous birth karma depend upon? One explanation could be that it depends upon your ‘present action‘(FREE-WILL) and if the full result of it could not be derived at that time and life ends before the result is realized, then perhaps it is carried forward to the next birth. Thus, it can be fairly assumed what you do ‘NOW‘ is important and has bearing on your future. Present action also depends upon ‘SANSKARA‘ i.e. in what atmosphere/environment we are brought up, own past values system. An individual who has been brought up with discipline and a value system is likely to get a more positive result.

As per the Bhagavad Gita, the human mind has evolved in such a way that it has the capacity to ‘Reason out‘ and is capable to distinguish between ‘bad‘ and ‘good‘ (FREE-WILL) and get the result accordingly. The famous quote of Bhagwat Gita Yoga Karmasya Kaushlam holds good. The basic concept is illustrated below in the figure:

Einstein’s theory of relativity says that space-time is reversible (mathematically), no one has so far created a time machine except in fiction. One can travel back in time and change our destiny, altering our actions of the past though this cannot be done practically. In a very small interval of time it may be possible, but in a larger time frame, it is so far not possible [this paradox of Time-Travel has been covered in a number of books on relativity].

However, in our description, it is implied that thoughts are waves generated through the mechanism of brain neurons. This is a complex phenomenon and considering that there are more than 80 billion neurons in the brain and many SYNAPTIC Junctions resulting into multiple chains of electric charge (current) along neuronal pathways, it is amazing that how our own Karma directs these signals to a specific predetermined path resulting in a particular action. Perhaps we may never understand the process but the search will go on.

In his book ‘Biology of Belief‘1, the author Bruce H. Lipton summaries that every cell of a human being follows the belief system. The extract from the book is produced below.

First, the science of Signal Transduction focuses on the biochemical pathways by which cells respond to environmental cues. Environmental signals engage cytoplasmic processes that can alter gene expression and thereby control cell fate, influence cell movement, control cell survival, or even sentence a cell to death. Signal transduction science recognizes that the fate and behaviour of an organism is directly linked to its perception of the environment. In simple terms, the character of our life is based upon how we perceive it.

Second, the new science of Epigenetics, which literally means, ―control above the genes, has completely upended our conventional understanding of genetic control. Epigenetics is the science of how environmental signals select, modify, and regulate gene activity. This new awareness reveals that our genes are constantly being remodeled in response to life experiences. Which again emphasizes that our perceptions of life shape our biology.

The above clearly indicates the capability of human beings to alter their course of action. The topic will be further discussed under the section of quantum physics. This may raise questions whether the ability of reasoning is Local or Non-Local. Also whether our ability of reasoning determines the ‘action‘ or the opposite?

We thus come to the conclusion that our physical body and mind have―FREE-WILL for our decision making. This is a powerful tool ―in-built which has the capacity to alter one‘s future. This ―FREE-WILL is provided with logic and reasoning and it depends upon how one uses it. This is just like the software in a computer located in the brain memory of the system(CPU) with a user having the option use it whenever. But, it is tricky for humans to use it adequately. It is usually covered with layers of emotions. The system, however, contains it. ‘FREE-WILL‘ has the capacity of doing so many things such as:

– Ability to distinguish ‘Evil(Bad)‘ or ‘Good‘ actions. Through linking the process of FREE-WILL with consciousness and generating consequential thought-waves resulting in appropriate action.

– Ability of logical reasoning.

3. Concept of Entropy

‘Entropy‘ is the concept widely used in ‘Thermodynamics‘. The second law of thermodynamics states that ―the total entropy can never decrease over time for an isolated system i.e. system in which neither energy nor matter can enter or leave.

But what is Entropy? The mathematical concept of it is not covered here and for our purpose, we assume that it is a measure of order (or disorder) just like Fahrenheit, Centigrade or Kelvin are units of measuring temperature. As we try to concentrate on the philosophical aspect of the law of entropy as applicable to cosmology and living system, arguments will be based on metaphysics and spirituality.

A completely ordered state of a system would have minimum entropy as the system moves from ‘Ordered‘ state to ‘Disordered‘ with entropy increasing. From a thermodynamic point of view, it is not possible to have a completely isolated system in our environment without spending some energy. Such an act may be able to maintain the status-quo but in an environment surrounding it, the entropy will increase.

There are various examples of it such as a Refrigeration system or Deforestation resulting in global warming. Therefore, the axiom that if we try to create order in one sub-system it increases the ‘Entropy‘ of another sub-system and the net effect is nullified.

As per the first law of thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes in form. Any action of the human body converts ‘Potential Energy‘ to work increasing the ‘Entropy‘ of the system unless it is directed toward ‘Nature‘ uniformly. Hence it means that any society which creates controversy based on caste, race or religion will not be able to unite which would then lead to an increase in the disorder of a system. However, Nature will work to eliminate such undesirable effects and will ultimately neutralize the unwanted or undesirable work of human beings to maintain balance. Since we cannot change the Arrow of time, we may be able to slow down the process by obeying nature’s laws by not working against it.

From a metaphysical point of view, it is to be understood that ‘Truth‘ (Satya) never changes and is absolute and does not depend on religion, caste race or faith. Thus laws based on ‘Truth‘ will, therefore, continue to flow in time independently.

We may now turn over attention to cosmology and birth of the universe as already mentioned before that the universe came into existence through the process of ‘Big-Bang‘. In the beginning, there was nothing and suddenly there was an explosion and matter came into existence. There is a lot of scientific material on the subject. Our discussion is restricted to the entropic point of view but what is baffling is that if a system evolves, entropy increases over that period of time. If so, how could a perfectly ordered system evolve from nothing?

It is also established that if various physical constants like electron mass, neutron mass, gravitational constant, plank constant would have been different by 1 billionth of the amount, we would not have existed. It appears that our ‘existence‘ is finely tuned. In this connection, it is worthwhile to quote Dr. Robert Lanza here:-

The very structure of the universe is explainable only through bio-centrism. The universe is fine-tuned for life, which makes perfect sense as life creates the universe, not the other way round. The universe is completely Spatio-Temporal logic of self.

Our assumption, therefore, stands vindicated that the universe originated from minimum ‘Entropy‘. However, carrying forward this principle to the birth of living organisms like humans, it can be said that a child is born from a minimum level of entropy similar to the birth of the universe. As per Hindu thought, human is the replica of the universe. The entire cosmos is believed to be contained in the human body. However, in the beginning, the human body as well as the universe were in an evolutionary stage and grew in a very orderly manner as per their ‘DNA’ (program). A child grows into a young man with the perfect combination of brain, heart, liver and other parts of the body and function as a well-organized system. It is therefore apparent that life is being created in an orderly fashion in the human body. After a certain period (different in different living system) the organized behaviour in the metabolic system of the body slowly starts to deteriorate (increase in Entropy) and eventually the body vanishes from existence. It can therefore safely be assumed as follows:

The decrease or increase in Entropy of a system is not uniform, it may decrease initially and then eventually increase.

The entire process of ‘Growth and Decay‘ is explained in the diagram given below:

[Life Cycle Of a System]

Note: It may be mentioned that the process is only as per ‘Entropy‘ and does not violate the principle of conservation of energy.  In living systems, the subtle energy is again evolved from other bodies with minimum  entropy.  (Thus the theory of incarnation is vindicated.)

As per Hindu thought, our existence follows the same principle as of Evolution and Destruction. This is conceptualized(mentioned) as Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga, and Kaliyuga in the cyclic order. We, therefore, come to the following conclusion, dis-order (decay) is an entropic property and cannot be totally eliminated but it can be slowed down with proper human action. The good news is that the human mind can control and change the future through the right action as per the laws of nature.

This can be done by synchronizing our consciousness and thoughts in harmony with nature. This results not only in an improvement in self but also in the Societal System as a whole.

4. Wave-Particle Duality and Quantum Physics

Modern physics tells us that all matter is comprised of elementary particles like atoms which are made of electrons, protons and neutrons. Further subdivision of which gives us Quarks which have distinct categories as ‘Up‘ and ‘Down‘ Quarks. Without going into the details with the description of modern physics, we confine ourselves to the metaphysical aspect of it.

It is now established that mass and energy are convertible under certain conditions as per Einstein’s famous equation of E=mc2.

Where ‘C‘ is the velocity of light. Further Max plank was the first to establish the relationship between energy and frequency.


(where h is plank constant h= 6.023×10-34)

Where ‘hv’ is the minimum energy a particle can have.

It was De-Broglie who first derived the expression of the wavelength of a particle.

λ = h/mv (where h, is planks constant & v is the velocity)

Thus, if increases, λ must decrease. Therefore wave-length of a mass decreases with the increase in velocity.

With the help of these fundamental equation we come to following conclusion. E=1/2 mv2 (Kinetic Energy)

λ = h/mv = h/p (p = momentum)

We can find out the wavelength of a given mass moving with a certain velocity. The fundamental aspect which is emphasized here is that mass is associated with ‘Energy‘ which is associated with ‘Waves‘. The relationship Mass→Energy→Waves is a basic metaphysical concept which is emphasized here. In his book ‘Biology of Belief‘ by Bruce H. Lipton again says:

The behavior of Energy-Wave is important for bio-medicine because vibrational frequencies can alter its physical and chemical properties as surely as physical signals like histamine and estrogen. Because atoms are in constant motion which you can measure by this vibration, they create wave patterns similar to the expanding ripples from thrown pebbles, we talked about above. Each atom is unique because distribution of its negative and positive charges, coupled with its spin rate generates a specific vibration or frequency pattern.

Wave-Particle duality was also confirmed long back through a famous experiment performed by Thomas Young in the ‘Double Slit Experiment‘. The experiment was simple, however, the conclusion was amazing and very surprising i.e. the sub-atomic particle which passes through the slit (hole), behaves like a particle as well as wave depending upon whether we observe the particle or not. It behaves like a particle when it is observed and like a wave when it is not observed. This is a profound observation which means ‘Reality‘ only exists when it is observed. This also confirms the Wave-Particle duality.

Quantum Entanglement: It is observed that when sub-atomic particles come together, they become entangled. This means that particles carry opposite charges (polarity). When the state of one particle is changed/ reversed, the particle state of the entangled particle gets instantly reversed in the opposite direction. However, the amazing part is that if one particle is taken away from the first particle to an infinite distance, the change in state of one particle instantaneously changes the state of the other particle as if they are still connected. How the other particle gets the information instantaneously is a matter of scientific investigation even today and a number of papers are being published on the subject. (The above thought experiment was presented by Albert Einstein, Boris Podosky and Nathan Rosen and frequently referred to as the EPR experiment.)

The conclusion is that these two particles together act as a single system and stay connected despite an infinite distance between them through a mysterious link.

It may be mentioned here that at the time of the creation of the universe, there was nothing. Even time did not exist and there was a sudden explosion (Big-Bang) from some unknown source which created the fundamental elementary particles. Therefore, in the beginning, all particles must have been linked together (Entangled) with infinite energy after which they got separated

While discussing ‘Consciousness‘, it was said that everything existed in wave-form till it is observed. It was also explained that every mass is associated with Wave-Energy as per De. Broglie equation and also that larger the wavelength smaller is the frequency (or vibration). This implies if that wavelength is made larger and larger and tends to infinity then frequency (vibration) becomes smaller & smaller final and tends to zero.

The wave-function is the probability distribution of several possible states of the system but when the actual values are chosen (observed), the probability state of function disappears and we see what has been observed. This is often called as the Collapse of wave-function by scientists.

The principle of quantum entanglement is being used for developing secure transmission of information and also for developing quantum computers. Basically, the system works like this: when information is communicated (transferred), it passes through a quantum key which is in a certain state and known only at the end point. The corresponding entangled quantum key is at the receiving end. If anyone tries to intercept (or access) this information, the state of the quantum key is altered which is immediately observed by the sender that someone has tried to tamper with the information. These methods are in the developing stage in cyber security systems all around the world.

Further quantum computers are being developed based on quantum entanglement. In normal computers, the design of computers is based on two states ‘0‘ or ‘1‘. In quantum computers, a third state is also conceived which is ‘0‘ or ‘1‘ depending upon the state of the bit ‘0‘ or ‘1‘ through the principle of quantum entanglement. The third state is called ‘qubit‘ or quantum-bit. The maths for quantum computers has been already developed. It is only the practical difficulties in designing quantum circuits which is inhibiting the development of quantum computers. Needless to say, once these computers are developed, they will be many times faster than present-day computers. It might be a generational change

5. Brainwave

It is now well known that brain activity creates waves. These waves are of different wave frequencies according to the state of the human brain. Typically these waves are classified as given below:

i) Beta wave (15Hz – 38 Hz) – Normal working and conscious state are highlighted during these times of state.

ii) Alpha Wave (8Hz – 14Hz) – The state of deep relaxation.

iii) Theta Wave (4Hz – 7Hz) – The meditative state.

iv) Gamma Wave (38Hz – 100Hz) – Sudden optical level of subconsciousness of mental visualization.

Human brain depicts combination waves in the following manner:

Normal Working State – In combination with Delta wave (having glass pattern) amplitude higher state (38Hz).

Meditation – αand θ combination as without α you will not be conscious during meditation or remember its contents. If θ is locking we experience lively and colorful imagination but without depth, profundity or insight of Theta.

Awakened Mind – You will produce an awakened mind, first described by Maxwell. If you add low-frequency beta to a meditation pattern you will then be able to get into intuition of Delta, the creative, inspiration conscious of theta, the relaxed, detached imagery of alpha and the conscious processing of thoughts beta and all this simultaneously.

Gamma Brain Wave (100Hz – 38Hz) – Detected later than the other brain waves, less is known about them. They have been seen in the state of peak performance(both physical and mental), high focus and concentration and during mystical transcendental experiences. One of the characteristics of gamma wave is synchronization of activity over a wide area of the brain. Gamma brain waves are not easy to detect because of their low amplitude and can only partly be displayed on mind mirror screen. Sometimes they may be seen as a normal frequency band of 38 Hz.

From the above conversation, it can be concluded that different states of the brain are associated with different patterns of wave activity e.g. beta, theta, alpha and gamma wave as explained above.

A study conducted at Me-Govern Institute of Brain Research of Neuroscience of MIT by Professor Robert Desimone, Doris and Don Berkey(published in MIT Tech Talk on June 3, 2009) reveals the likely brain center that serves as the conductor of neural chords. The relevant extracts from findings are given below:

MIT Neuroscientist find that neurons in the prefrontal cortex, the brain planning center, fire in unison and send signals to the visual cortex to generate high frequency waves that oscillate between these distant brain regions like a vibrating spring. These waves, also known as Gamma Oscillations, have long been associated with cognitive states such as attention, learning and consciousness.

Our results suggest that altered neural synchrony in the prefrontal cortex could disrupt communication between this region and other areas of the brain leading to altered perception, thoughts and emotions.

To explain neural synchrony, Desimone uses the analogy of a crowded party with people talking in different rooms. If individuals raise their voices at random, the noise just becomes louder. But if a group of individuals in one room chant together in unison, the next room is more likely to hear the message and if people in next room chant in response, then the two rooms can communicate.

The above are very profound findings by the MIT Scientist and will be very useful in the further course of discussion in the next section.

6. Yoga – The Journey to the Self

‘Yoga‘ has been narrated by several spiritual leaders and authors. In Hindu Sanskriti and spiritual texts, Yoga has been described by Maharishi Patanjali. Here we are discussing the concept of Yoga from Metaphysical and Scientific viewpoint. The subject matter will also be discussed here in light of material presented earlier.

Yoga, in essence, means to merge the internal (Soul) with the external (in Nature or Prakriti), which is also contained within us. This ultimate state of such merging may be liberation (Moksha) attained by ‘Awakening of Chakras‘ inside us. As per Yoga texts, there are seven chakras i.e.:

·• Sahasrara-Chakra (at the center of the head)

·• Ajna-Chakra (between two eyebrows)

·• Vishuddha-Chakra (below the Ajna Chakra at throat)

·• Anahata-Chakra (below Vishuddha Chakra at the heart)

·• Manipura-Chakra (At the Navel)

·• Swadhistana-Chakra (At the genital)

·• Muladhara-Chakra (At the root)

There are several paths to achieve such a state. One path is to focus on ‘Love‘ and ‘Welfare‘ of society as a whole. Spreading the love around us is a step towards merging ourselves with the space around you. This expands our own energy level. In the meditative process, we achieve the same with Dhyana Yoga. In this process, we meditate and try to unite our entire body cells, neurons in the brains (mind) to concentrate on one source of ultimate energy or God or Light (we may call anything). The process has to be achieved with constant practice (Sadhna).

We have to tune our whole body cells to function in harmony with the natural energy (synchronizing with nature). In quantum physics, energy levels are expressed in electron volts (e.v.) 1 e.v. = 1.6 x 10-19Jules

Taking the lowest band of the brain wave = 4Hz (4 Hertz). Energy of brain wave = 4×1.6×10-19Jules = 6.4 x 10-19 Jules

Now imagine, even at this lowest level of bandwidth of brain waves if our all neurons started functioning in harmony (synchronized manner), the entire energy created by such functioning would be quite large (since we have billions of neurons at any particular time). This may result in highly meditative states and the human mind may develop the capability of creation and realisation and also develop an ‘AURA‘ around the body.

Interestingly, in Hindu thought we have several instances of boon granted by Gods when they say ―let it be so (Tathastu-) and the events take place accordingly. Once such a state of total submerging of internal energy with external energy takes place, the ultimate reality is experienced.

An example of this is also narrated in the famous book ― Autobiography Of Yogi of Swami Yoganandji in the explicit narration of ‘Kriya-Yoga‘. We have observed in quantum physics that an atomic particle is in wave-form until it is observed. This analogy of wave-particle duality can be extended for a yogi. It can be concluded that if an appropriate wave-combination is created by the brain say in a highly meditative state (Awakening state), the wave so formed creates the reality. In other words, the concept of WaveRealityemerges. Now the question arises, what is the mechanics of such a system? Thus we find that consciousness creates thoughts and our thoughts waves ultimately create our reality. But, the conscious mind is also affected by our own Karma, present, past and future thereby justifying the concept that our actions (karma) ultimately determine our future. This is one reason that different people react differently in similar situations.

Thus, conversion of our conscious thoughts waves into reality is fundamental.

Conscious→ Thoughts→ Waves→ Reality(Physical only)

But does the reality that we perceive in fact actual reality, perhaps ‘No‘ or ’Yes‘or both. The principle involved in this process is beyond available knowledge of science & mathematics.

Lets us give some examples which will clarify the view. A bird-chick when it comes out of its egg does not know how to fly. Mother of the bird knows it and prompts it to fly. The bird takes few attempts and falls, but after a few more attempts it suddenly flies into the sky. The bird has inherent physical attributes to fly but not the mental ability. Once prompted and an attempt is made with a strong will, the bird flies.

Let us take one another example (which I have observed myself), of a squirrel. The squirrel after jumping over a long distance stops for a second to assess the required distance to be jumped, and then it makes the leap. It does the same thing for variable distances and variable circumstances and never fails.

Now imagine if we have to develop a robot to perform a similar task, we have to make mathematical models and solve complex algorithms, before developing a digital (electronic) equivalent of the same and then devise a machine to incorporate it before actually taking on the task. This is quite a complex process. Imagine how a little bird and squirrel do the same thing with ease. How does it happen? One is thinking that as per neurotheology, everything is hard-wired in the brain. It accomplishes the task process.

The mechanics behind this process of the conversion of consciousness into willed reality is not known. This consciousness question is entirely new to science and may not follow our known scientific principles. Here we have introduced the concept of ‘Willed Reality‘ different from ‘Absolute Reality‘. We may be able to know the former but perhaps never the latter.

7. Illusion of Reality

• The consciousness process of conversion of Thought Waves into reality is fundamental.

• Unity Principle with which this article started is supreme. Thoughts processed on a single point (same frequency-same phase waves) after converging actually unite brain waves with universal energy (process is scientifically yet to be explained). It might lead to self-realization which in fact is the same as God Realization and can perhaps only be experienced and cannot be expressed.

• This is also covered in depth in Patanjali Yoga and meditative techniques by various rishis and sages in the Hindu tradition through Yoga which science has yet not been able to explain. Some mystical examples of creation are given below:

i) The biggest and more prominent example of this is of God Vishnu who created Yogmaya.

ii) In Kriya Yoga ‘Swami Yogananda Ji‘ guru could create a new reality through sheer Yogic Powers.

iii) In the Srimad Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna during the discourse to his disciple Arjuna, explains this concept by merging Space-Time into a single point. Thus Arjuna sees that people, all living things are being born and dying at the same time. This was a condition similar to Singularity in Cosmology.

Now we may compare the above situation to the birth of the universe. It is known in cosmology that during the Gravitational Collapse, a star tends to converge into a single point creating black-holes. This is somewhat similar to the situation when the universe was born and is known as the ‘Singularity‘condition in physics where laws of physics do not hold good. It is that universe which evolved from Singularity. There was a sudden explosion (big bang) and a new reality (Space-Time) evolved. Thus two situations of self-realisation and birth of the universe appear to be identical though on in a different space & time frame. Our Vedic scripture says that there was a sound ‘AUM‘ and universe evolved.

Hence it is implied that for the realization of creation of our own reality, what is required is constant practice, focused mind (Sadhna) and effort with positive thought energy waves vibrating at the same frequency (harmony) in a meditative state (awakened state). Perhaps merging our own energy with universal energy is Moksha (as per Hindu Belief).

In the text covered above, the following forms of reality have been touched upon:

1. Physical Reality – As conceived by science & technology in our own physical world.

2. Willed Reality – By a conscious mind through a focused approach as per the unity principle and positive energy which is vibrating in sync with nature.

3. Absolute Reality – God’s own creation, merely as a will (& play of nature). Thus gods willed reality may be Absolute reality. Once a human mind is totally merged through its own willed reality into nature‘s, the absolute reality may be realised. The mind is in the liberated state of Moksha.

Therefore, science requires a new paradigm to understand the mechanics of consciousness and reality conversion & reality evolution from the point of thought waves and singularity where laws of physics do not hold good. Also, the ultimate state of deep meditation may be analogous to singularity state which leads to new self-realisation and creativity.

We may like to quote from Mahatma Gandhi.

Your belief becomes your THOUGHTS, Your thoughts become your WORDS, Your words become your ACTION, Your action becomes your HABITS, Your habits become your VALUES, Your values become your DESTINY.

The author believes that the soul is immortal until it is liberated. When the soul takes a position in space-time, it creates Consciousness & Time. Thus. Time is the direct result of Human consciousness in space-time and time is born. Consciousness creates thought, thoughts create energy, energy creates action. The human mind has the ability to choose thoughts and thus action (KARMA) determines our future.

Consciousness with pure thought is beauty and beauty is truth and truth always wins.
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About Author: K K Bhatnagar

KK Bhatnagar holds a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Science from Benaras Hindu University(BHU), together with a degree in Industrial Engineering from IIIE (Mumbai). He has undergone professional training at institutes such as IIM (Ahmedabad), IIT (Madras), Asian Productivity Organisation (Japan). Having retired from active service, he likes to spend his time reading and writing on subjects such as Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Relativity, Spirituality & Consciousness.

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