Dharmic Knowledge: Essence and significance in the modern age

The lack of understanding of Dharmic knowledge and its gradual dilution has left a void in our society which has been filled by self-proclaimed experts who act as scholars.

Dattaraj Deshpande has studied the Rig-Veda by oral/Gurukul tradition from a very young age. In this conversation, he talks about the significance of the various Dharmic knowledge texts, its impact on the psyche of the people and whether they are restricted to some or are universal in nature. He also addresses common questions such as, can the Bhagwad Gita be considered as a Dharmic Grnath for Hindus? Shri Deshpande also touches upon various contemporary issues such as the ‘Brahminical stranglehold’ as well as the so-called Non-Vedic knowledge.

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