Do you know your India?

Indians are generally either unaware or misinformed about their civilization and how it shaped the world historically.

Prominent writer S. Gurumurthy talks about Indian civilization’s long standing impact on the world. From being the progenitor to the 4 dharmic religions of the world to showcasing its might with 1600 successive years of economic dominance, India’s contribution has been immense. Its influence was never by force which is why people such as Hsuan Tsang from China to explorers like Columbus, sought India for its spirituality, intellect and affluence. Due to her belief that worshiping a god was akin to invoking divinity within oneself, you were free to create your own without any feeling of animosity or for the need to proselytize. The monotheistic nature of certain faiths, and modernity as a social construct, have tried to force their world view onto others which has lead to various clashes. Hence it lies in our best interest to hold on to our cultural moorings that have sustained us, stop the constant negationism and build on the great civilization that our ancestors have handed over.

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