The epitome of wisdom and knowledge, pervades all.


The superwoman, creator, fearless and protector, O Devi you are the all-seeing one;
Be it Durga, Kushmanda, Chandraghanta, bringing abundant light like the shining sun!

Spread purity and peace with the lotus you hold, O my mother nature;

The epitome of wisdom and knowledge, pervade all, O Devi be my revered teacher!

Mother Kali, bring down your blade on ego and ignorant mind;

From depths of darkness, the righteous pure soul, make me find!

Bhramacharini, show me the eternal path to free me with Moksha;

For you brought the light to dark cosmos, showering pure sounds from your shankha!

Radiating light and glowing emancipation, washing away vice and sorrow;

Lifting burdens with your arms, O Gauri, bless me with inner peace for blissful tomorrow!

For you are the essence of the universe and reside within all;

Siddhidatri, invoke the Shakti in me so in timelessness my soul will stand tall!

About Author: Renu Muthoo

Renu is a follower of Kashmir Shaivism and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and the Supreme Mother Goddess. Strongly influenced by her grandfather, the great spiritual poet of Kashmir, Pt Jia Lal Saraf, Renu has always been drawn towards spirituality. Despite the prosaic mundanity of everyday life, she often provides a poetic vent to her thoughts & devotion. An engineer and software author by profession, Renu lives in Toronto, Canada.

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