Sanatana Dharma Kshetra- Sustaining Deep-Rooted Traditions

Slokas and Stotras are a deeply meaningful part of Sanatana Dharma that need to practised diligently for optimum results.

Sanatana Dharma Kshetra- Sustaining Deep-Rooted Traditions

Vedas, Slokas and Stotras are a deeply meaningful part of Sanatana Dharma, the longest living civilization. Millenia have passed and the dharmic traditions today have still retained their importance, albeit to customary obeisance and the rare deep prayers. We have the current scenario of nuclear families, demanding careers and cutthroat competitions leading to this development. The only way out is to get back in touch with our roots and practices, but in a way that preserves the time-tested method as well as accommodates the current way of things!

The routine of waking up early, having a bath and chanting Slokas has been handed down to us by our ancestors. Today, our mothers are striving to see that we implement it. And then, we can in turn, hand down the tradition to our future generations. One way to do it is to introduce and teach them the importance of Sloka chanting.

When you enter a temple, attend a puja or yagna, the principal sounds that greet your ears are the chants of Slokas. Does it not give you a sense of peace? Do you not feel vibrant with the positive energy generated in the atmosphere around?

Regulars will vouch for it. Researchers have proved it. Sloka chanting has numerous benefits. It sharpens the intellect, keeps the mind alert, helps in healing, manages stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces high cholesterol levels, normalizes heart rate, and energizes the brain.

But having said that, there is a method to the chanting of Slokas. It cannot be done in a harsh or hurried manner. The chanting has to be slow and loud enough to be heard. There has to be a melodious pattern and a range of specific numbers per minute. It is vital that Sloka chanting has to be done in this specified manner.

Sanatana Dharma Kshetra acknowledges this importance and works on the how of it. They focus on maximising the benefits by steering the right way of Sloka chanting. Sanatana Dharma Kshetra is the digital ecosystem created to fuse traditional practices and modern technology. Digital technology is used to make the teaching of the method of Sloka chanting accessible. They strive to retain methods and practices while using technology in their teaching-learning module. Sanatana Dharma steers the listener along with the following steps-

  • The fundamental and primary focus to be on the chanting method.
  • Choosing the language for the text to be transliterated.
  • The importance of keen listening and repeating. The listener can take this step several times with options for repetitions and chanting along.
  • Tuning to the phonemes of Sanskrit pronunciations with extensive support.
  • Progressive chanting where compound words are simplified. Also, a slow tempo is maintained in the beginning which picks up when moving on to full words.
  • When the chanting method is complete, notes and materials are made available to help it make a practice.

Hand-outs with transliteration are also given. This brings a sense of familiarity to listeners when they opt for the language of their ease. Presently beginning with Sanskrit, English, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, a roadmap for more languages is already drawn. Sanatana Dharma Kshetra covers Vedic Suktams, Powerful Slokas and Pleasing Stotrams. This is just the tip of the growing iceberg. Not just grownups, the teaching-learning methods of chanting will extend to children too.

The set of titles available is comprehensive and Santana Dharma Kshetra has a road map to keep adding to the titles. Additionally, different partners and traditional teachers have been made a part of this thoughtful methodology. This is with the aim of making the method easily accessible to the learners and the knowledge of chanting reaching far and wide.

Why Sanatana Dharma Kshetra? What is exclusive about it?

Sanatana Dharma Kshetra has active books and services to specifically address the need for a proven learning methodology. The learner has to only have intent, interest, and the grace of Ishwara. Sanatana Dharma Kshetra will ensure that the person will master the chanting method in the Dharmic way by the following learning methodology-

The Guru-Shishya mode

  • In this mode, Guru chants the Slokas once or twice and the Shishya is allowed to repeat after him.
  • This mode helps the Shishya learn the Sloka and chant them with the right pronunciation or uchharana.
  • The mode has a sing-along option too which enables the Shishya to chant seamlessly along with his Guru.

Right pronunciation/ uchharana

  • The Slokas are set to the right pronunciation with each word being taught to be pronounced correctly. The Shishya will find this helpful in familiarizing themselves with the word and its pronunciation.
  • The words in the Slokas and Stotras are added as an appendix for the Shishya to access and practice whenever needed.


  • To begin with, Shishyas can access the Ganesha and Guru Vandanam and thus follow the traditional sequence of Sloka chanting.

Read and Refer mode

  • Once the Shishya has practised and is familiar with the steps of chanting, hand-outs further help them to recite the Slokas by reading the words in the language of their choice.

When you are introduced to and taught the right methodology of Sloka chanting, you will want to make it an integral part of life. This is for the simple reason that chanting brings peace and calm within ourselves. It invites divine energies to surround and envelope our beings. It keeps negativity in check and helps spread positivity among our family, neighbours, colleagues and each one we interact with. Children will be especially benefited as Sloka chanting at an early age will help them to improve their concentration and memory. Since Sanskrit is considered the mother of all languages, chanting Slokas will help children learn other languages with ease.

Since time immemorial, our Dharmic heritage teaches us various ways to lead satisfying lives. The teaching incorporates Sloka chanting as a vital aspect of it. Sanatana Dharma Kshetra strives to do just that. Especially in this trying period which the pandemic has evoked, this methodology will go a long way in garnering strength and confidence to overcome the hurdles we are facing by channelizing divine energies and positivity. On the scientific front too, Sloka chanting is one of the natural ways to boost the immune system.

Our Vedas and Dharmas have sustained the test of time. All of us, at some point in life, realize the science and the benefits behind their practice. We chant Slokas for various reasons. Some chant for their spiritual significance, some chant during meditation, some to seek God while others to improve concentration. Whatever the reason for chanting a Sloka, the focus should be on the right way to do it. Sanatana Dharma Kshetra shows you exactly that.

Sanatana Dharma Kshetra- A step towards connecting with divinity.

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