Indian Roots of Tibetan Buddhism

The relationship of India with Tibet is one of a benevolent Guru with an able disciple. The ancient university at Nalanda had a tremendous impact on the spiritual and intellectual evolution of Tibetan culture.

In the words of Dalai Lama, “India is the guru and Tibet is the chela(disciple).” It is well known how Buddhism travelled from India to other parts of the world but in Tibet, it was preserved in a form that was very much like the original. That is because India even contributed to the evolution of Tibetan language and script, thus laying the very foundations of what is now known as the Tibetan culture. All the spiritual lineages of Tibetan Buddhism can thus be traced to the ancient university of Nalanda. With the turn of the centuries, Tibet could very well turn out to be the worthy disciple that helps India rediscover her own treasures of knowledge.

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