How the colonial Indian academia effectuates indigenous Hindu ethnocide

The Indian academia is a by-product of western narratives and endowments that willingly participates in a Hindu ethnocide.

How the colonial Indian academia effectuates indigenous Hindu ethnocide

The self-perpetuated psychological bondage which ravages the existence of the enslaved is amplified by the vicious sting of the serpentine dogma. And its venom is now more toxic than ever, which is the genesis of this predicament.

Needless to say, the aforementioned writing is the dysphemistic representation of the present-day circumstances; not just in our country, but also abroad. But the most dangerous part of this situation is, that most fall prey to this campaign, this legion of organised fanaticism, innocently, without realising the sinister origins, implications and objectives of the same. They willingly desire to remain encaged in the bubble of unconsciousness, whereas the rest thrive on contempt.

The pen is mightier than the sword, they say. Definitely. But have you imagined what all is possible if the pen is wielded as the very sword itself? And that too a sword of destruction? We must not forget that ultimately it is the mind which controls the body, and if the mind is wired to normalise oppressive dogma, then the actions propelled by that mind would be undoubtedly negative, rather catastrophic. And do you know the best way to control the mind? Education.

It would be naïve to assume that the objectives and consequences of the academic narratives of Indian history which glorify invaders and teach gross misinformation about Indigenous Sanatani culture and recorded past events are only to maintain a fabricated existence of historical secularism and for a disdain of the Hindu identity. We need to scratch the surface a little more to find out why this shameful conspiracy was effectuated in the first place. And the moment we do that, we are revealed an extremely malevolent agenda- ethnocide.

Unlike physical genocide, ethnocide does not take place in a day. This malicious objective is achieved over years of systematic erasure of cultural identity, by employing several methodologies and tactics to materialise this aim. The usual policy has mostly been what I call “Direct Ethnocide”, where the perpetrator or oppressor directly and actively participates in the cultural erasure, abolishes all instruments and elements of culture, and even makes use of physical genocide such as massacres to aid this process.

This is what the Euro-Christians did on almost all occasions in North America to desecrate the Indigenous American identity. The same tactic was employed by the Islamic Invaders prior to the European arrival in India too. However, after the Europeans arrived in India and tried the same, they realised that this programme will not be successful in the case of the Hindus, because these “idolatrous beasts” somehow managed to exist even after 1000 years of Islamic colonialism. Hence, the British formulated a new form of ethnocide, which I call “Internalised Ethnocide”, something which Indian cultural neocolonialists who masquerade as historians, academicians, political highbrows and pseudo-social justice warriors constantly perpetuate on a daily basis, as they have been since before 1947.

What is Internalized Ethnocide?

Internalised Ethnocide, to state simply, is the destruction of the culture of a community which is committed by the members of the community and the practitioners of the culture themselves. There are four broad characteristics of Internalised Ethnocide:

1) There lies a difference between the actual and the apparent perpetrator. The actual perpetrator is the group responsible for formulating and scheming the ethnocide, whereas in this case, the apparent perpetrator is just the group that simply commits it. Hence, the Oppressor group is the actual perpetrator, and one of the victim communities is the apparent perpetrator against other victim communities. Just like in India’s case, the actual perpetrators were the British colonisers, whereas the apparent perpetrators were those Indigenous Indians who had become brainwashed enough to turn on their own brothers and fellows, and thus perpetuated the colonial identity erasure which they learnt from the British.

2) Certain instruments of culture are weaponised to eventually annihilate the culture. For example, how the Manusmriti was deliberately mistranslated to portray it as casteist, how valorous Indian Hindu warriors were wrongly portrayed as incapable and courageless.

3) Genocide is less frequently employed by the colonisers since the inter-community unrest is powerful enough to cause intense antagonism which culminates in widespread massacres. Example: the Chitpavan Brahmin massacre of 1948 in Maharashtra where 8000 Brahmins were butchered, the Marichjhapi massacre, 1979 and even the Bhima Koregaon War of 1818 where Dalits, Brahmins, Rajputs, Vaishyas and every other caste fought and slaughtered each other.

4) The most significant point defining Internalized Ethnocide, is often the “Transferral of the Colonizer-Indigenous Relationship Status Quo”, and its assignment to the Indigenous-Indigenous Relationship Status Quo; as in, the manufacturing of one or multiple Indigenous group(s) falsely as the Oppressor, and the other(s) as the Oppressed, to either justify the European colonial rule or to weaken the opposition to the same by causing the fragmentation of cultural solidarity towards Colonial Rule, thereby also creating the justification for the same, alongside psychological destabilization of the natives. Example: The Aryan-Dravidian theory, Caste narrative, Brahminical Patriarchy and so on.

How does the Indian Academia fuel Internalized Ethnocide?

Internalised Ethnocide is caused by an organised set of techniques which the academic sphere is the most capable in initiating since it deals with young, formative minds.

STEP 1: Indoctrination

At this stage, the student starts being properly brainwashed into the preposterous colonial theories regarding caste and the position of women in the Hindu society. The villany of Brahminism will be extensively talked about (especially if the child has Sociology as a subject as well) and how it is an ancient practice, despite Manusmriti, Bhagavad Gita, the Ved and the Upanishad clearly stating a system of merit-based Varn. Moreover, the strong existence of Shia-Sunni, Ashraf-Ajlaf caste system which still prevails in the Indian Muslim society will be strangely ignored from the syllabus. The concept of Hindu marriage will be discarded as misogynistic and backward because it entails selfless devotion of the wife to her husband, but the fact that the subcontinent has actually seen married and unmarried female warriors would be conveniently ignored, and so will the fact that the basic element of Sanatana Dharma teaches that Shiv is incomplete without Shakti. The student will be taught how superstitious the Hindu lot was before Islam and Christianity civilised the “savages”, not recognising the basic differences between polytheistic cultures like Sanatana Dharma and monotheistic Abrahamic doctrines, not to mention the shameless glorification of genocidal Islamist bigots who almost finished off an entire civilisation, and the blatant downplaying of the Indigenous Hindu empires.

STEP 2: Identity Alienation

One of the most dangerous points of indoctrination would be the Status Quo Transferral I had earlier talked about was that how the Indigenous people themselves were painted as rabid foreign invaders by the British Colonialists. Such as how North Indians Brahmins are till date portrayed as the descendants of the Aryan invaders who have been subjugating the original inhabitants of India- the Adivasis- since millennia, and we naively learn this bigotry without realising that internalised ethnocide was the same tactic the Belgians used in Rwanda to cause a rift between the Hutu and the Tutsi people by ridiculously dividing them on the basis of their looks, and thus causing an actual genocide between them. The Aryan-Dravidian theory is nothing but a failed attempt at genocide. By declaring a group that was colonially manufactured to be economically and socially powerful to be invaders and oppressors of the original people, what the neocolonialists achieve is to completely dismiss the cultural identity asserted by this group as anti-Dalit, anti-Adivasi majoritarianism, (even though it includes every Sanatani irrespective of caste or community in it) and the very Indigeneity they represent, because the Hinduism they believe, itself gets labelled as the “oppressive, foreign, colonising Aryan Supremacist construct”, all while psychologically programming the minds of the members of the engineered Adivasi (which although is portrayed to mean “first inhabitant”, but in actuality was intended by the British to imply a primitive subhuman community) identity to believe that their identities have been stolen, and that Hinduism is nothing but gross tribal identity cultural appropriation, and hence must be completely rejected; an attitude which the communities in the South too inculcated since they realised their “Dravidian” identity which was “oppressed” all this while, not realising though that all of this is based on White Supremacist colonial diatribes against the syncretic native culture of the land which they violated for 300 years.

Hence, the very Indigenous Hindu identity of the natives gets erased, as certain groups feel themselves to be imaginarily oppressed by it. And regarding those who are supposed to belong to this identity, as in the “oppressive North-Indian Sanskritic Brahmins”, start feeling ashamed of it, and hence stop asserting this factually indigenous multicultural distinctiveness after being severely gaslighted and virtue-signalled for the same.

And lo and behold, the de-nativisation of the Indic mindset is complete! And the student is turned into an alien to his own millennia-old culture.

Indian academia is in actuality merely a tool in the hands of the larger malicious institutions in our country who possess these colonial, bigoted objectives. The reason the Indian academia behaves this way is that internalised ethnocide creates identity alienation, like I have explained above, which in turn creates a state of identity crisis, which I call a Cultural Vacuum. A cultural vacuum is the absence of any traditional, community culture in an individual, and hence it is a great opportunity for proselytising organised faith-cultures, such as the Abrahamic ones, to fill in the vacuum by baptising the individual to the faith and hence fulfilling their objective of turning “savage godless heathen” countries into “civilised Euro-Christianised” or “Islamised” nations. These religious institutions are often funded and granted special partial rights, privileges and commissions by numerous political factions in our country, in return for their service provided as comfortable vote-banks for those parties. So, this symbiotic relationship is a boon for both as their objectives get fulfilled with just one procedure. The third pillar in this syndicate is the neocolonialist anti-caste activists, who again receive funding by parties and religious groups, then further fund their election campaigns and “mission work” by giving them the media outreach, intellectual resources and labour power as well contact with foreign corporations. Hence, it is actually just an intricately connected and ethnocidal Quid Pro Quo we witness.

This ethnocide then leads to political and territorial issues as well, case in point being the Christian nationalist Naga separatist movement and the Islamic nationalist Kashmiri Azadi movement. Both cases in which the indigenous culture of the region was murdered in cold blood, and replaced by colonial impositions of foreign cultures. Hence, one seemingly innocent act of cultural unconsciousness at the school level can tantamount to the destruction of a nation’s sovereignty.

Hence, the correction of academic narratives is imperative for the holistic security of our Indigeneity.

About Author: Divyanshi Sharda

Divyanshi is a student of humanities with a keen interest in writing on Indigenous Indic traditions, socio-politics, and decoloniality.

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